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The entertainment industry is an industry replete and run under the authority “of wickedness in high places”. Since the early days of the entertainment industry in this country, it has been under the authority of people who are deeply entrenched in witchcraft and sorcery, where mostly all forms of media are meant to cast a spell, distract, as well as create demi-gods of the people that it cranks out as “celebrities”. I have said this over and over and it bares repeating, the very pursuit of fame is in and of itself, luciferian in nature because it is the goal of the “famous” to become known and worshiped in their own right. Oh, of course they call themselves throwing Yahweh a bone, by thanking Him for their latest accolade or some other seeming innocuous feat and yet many Believers fail to consider, seriously consider that maybe, just maybe the “god” that many of these entertainers are thanking is NOT the great Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In 2 previous Midrash Monthly posts, So You Think You Wanna Be Famous and it’s follow-up Nah…Really!? You Still Think You Wanna Be Famous? after the early demise of troubled music industry “star” Amy Winehouse. Both posts go into in-depth details as to how the entertainment industry treats its willing slaves who are willing to sell their souls for a chance to become “immortal” or a “god” for who they are. This article is being posted after the shocking announcement of Whitney Houston’s tormented end. I’ll only say the industry is still in the midst of one of the witches’ sabbats that they celebrate and just like the Summer Soltice celebration that yielded the ritualistic death of Amy Winehouse, (who had reportedly died as the result of a drug overdose, when the subsequent autopsy results concluded that their were no drugs or alcohol in her system but that she died “a violent or unnatural” death-the latter little tidbit of information was not reported in mass media like the initial allegations of her dying as a result of alcohol or drug abuse.) Funny thing is that a week prior to Whitney Houston’s “suicide”, the legendary creator of Soul Train, Don Cornelius also reportedly committed “suicide”. Many were still reeling from that shock only to end up a little more than a week later to discover that one of  the ’80’s most iconic songstresses was dead. I was shocked but was quickly convicted by the Ruach because Believers need to stop being so shocked and taken aback when these people meet death and tragedy, in what seems to be “unexpected” or shocking circumstances. There is a price for fame and in an industry run by witches, wizards, necromancers and the like we shouldn’t be surprised at the end result.

As I peruse all of the FB tributes to the fallen, the rebukes of their lifestyles to the hailing of their celebrity, I find that many are blind and gullible to the reality of fame and the price required. Forget about the Illuminati! That dumb word has been so overused and misused for purposes of creating fear and disseminating disinformation that it is a term best left alone! If all you understand is that Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry is owned and run by people who are major players in the occult and that they are deeply involved in bringing witchcraft into your daily life, then that is all you need to know! They are constantly via signs, symbols, neurolinguistic language as well as subliminal messages casting witchcraft spells over you and your household, speaking incantations and making petitions to demonic forces to torment the viewers of particular programs and listeners of certain kinds of music in an attempt to subvert Yahweh’s authority in your life by programming your mind so that you are tainted in terms of your perception of what is holy and unholy, godly and ungodly. It is also good to note that if you are making idols out of these “celebrities” in your heart then you are ripe for the same kind of enslavement to sin that your favorite celebrity has ascribed to themselves. This is key because you are being unnecessarily attacked by demons just because of your affinity for a particular program or kind of music or a particular artist! No wonder the spirit of disobedience and rebellion is rampant in so many homes. The spirit of perversion and depression are pervasive even in the lives of many Believers because they refuse to guard their ear-gates, eye-gates and what they allow to take root in their hearts and minds! How can Yahweh keep you in perfect peace if you don’t guard your heart with ALL diligence? How can the course of your life be kept on the right course, if you are so enamored with this world and the things of this world? (Isaiah 26:3 and Proverbs 4:23) I see people’s posts in tribute to the late Whitney Houston and many truly have a “golden calf” mentality and don’t know it or don’t care! It was cool when people were rebuking the lifestyles of Amy Winehouse, Ryan Dunn, DJ AM, etc. but say the wrong thing about Whitney and these people will wish you to hell! I even saw a believer get completely incensed after the death of Don Cornelius because there were posts stating that if he committed suicide that he would be going to hell, which is nothing but the truth! But this believer allowed his affinity for a man he didn’t even know personally to keep him from deferring to scripture which clearly states that murder, including self-murder is a sin and like ALL sin if it is not confessed and repented of, it will reap nothing but eternal damnation! How can you repent if you’ve already killed yourself? (Just asking!) I know it’s now the cute thing on FB and Twitter to be obstinate and very defiant of those who have been deemed “too holy”, “super-saved” and other back-handed comments in frustration of those who dare question the status quo. These MOCKERS tread a very fine line and subscribe to the damnable theory of trying hard not to be “so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good” or have even referred to their defense and affinity for the carnal  as being “balanced” while defending things that they don’t even understand but just resign themselves to believing what the media says it is. I saw a lot of believers spout off because other believers were commenting about their distaste for the Super Bowl. So Madonna can come into your home and perform a witchcraft ritual in your living room and men hailed as idols chasing a pig skin ball can be considered as ” just having a good time” but if someone dares to tell you what’s really behind this madness you accuse them of being “super-religious”  or a “conspiracy nut” and when you call yourself a Believer in Yahshua, then there’s a problem. I’m not saying that most of these believers on FB and Twitter are correct as many are heavy handed and presumptuous and some are even in error but understand if you are offended at what you think is their disrespect then know many of them that are using scripture correctly and who’s hearts are in the right place are offended at your idolatry!

The funniest thing of all is that many of these mockers think that they are so much smarter than the average Believer that they don’t understand that they are the favorite targets of the witches in the entertainment industry because as smart as they believe they are, they are still very gullible and very susceptible to doctrines of demons because they believe they have it all figured out! Or worse, they are so apathetic that they don’t want to be bothered and find it easier to go along with what the world deems as “fun” or “entertainment”. Before you become so indignant that you can’t hear me and others who are telling you the same thing above the sound of your own perturbed ego and hurt feelings, look up the definitions of fun and entertainment then tell me if truly grounded Believers in Yahshua should be constantly pursuing fun and entertainment. I’m not by any means saying that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and have a good laugh and be able to have a good time but when your having a “good time” puts you at odds with the God who you claim to serve by provoking you to idolatry and a dulled sense of what is holy and unholy (Hebrews 12:14), there’s a problem and if you don’t see the problem, then you are more deceived than you are willing to admit!

There is no such thing as coincidence, i.e., celebrities dying in three’s around any of one or more of the 8 witches’ sabbats a year (Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston). I know you believe the press’s spin on these deaths and we may never know the truth but like I said, there is always a price for fame and the pursuit of fame makes you no better than lucifer. So there’s another story just beneath the surface that may never be truly told. Rather than posting Rest in Peace, Rest in Paradise and similar comments in social media that may be well wishes for the person who has passed or even heavy handed rebukes for a late celeb’s demise, it would be wiser for Believers to pray for the surviving family that the death of the celebrity regardless of the circumstances will result in some poor soul coming to know Yahshua personally and should prod you in terms of your own mortality and relationship with Yahweh to do all you can for Yah’s kingdom for as long as you can while you can. For a greater understanding of the entertainment industry’s occult practices please do your own research. It takes more than talent and knowing somebody to get into the entertainment industry, at the end of the day The Elite want to be sure that they can enslave as many people to their “products” (stars) as possible. They are battling for your soul and if you’d rather sit in front of the TV, go to a movie or read anything other than reading and studying Scripture (The Bible) and diligently praying to seek Yahweh’s will, then I’d say that you are proof that they are winning!

If you do not understand occult symbolism then the video below may just appear to be a classic award show moment. But once you understand what’s going on in the background, you realize that there is so much more than meets the eye!

Celebrity Death Rule of Three – Jackson, Fawcett, McMahon

What Happened to Whitney Houston?

By the way don’t be fooled by so-called “Christian” artists who have simply found another niche in music! Many of them are involved in some of the same occult activity as secular artists are involved in but how will you know if you don’t research and find out what’s really going on in the world around you? The videos below give a great explanation of what I mean.

Next month Midrash Monthly will be dealing with the demonic Nicolaitan and Jezebel spirit running rampant in the modern church.

Shalom!! Even so come Messiah Yahshua!!!!

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Many truth watchers may have suspected that another celebrity demise was on the horizon. I mean it’s the height of the Summer Solstice and the occult oriented elite just might need a human sacrifice. I felt it coming on but didn’t think it might be Amy Winehouse. This tortured but talented Illuminati pawn met an early demise Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the age of 27.  Many of these people in the slave plantation known as the Entertainment Industry, don’t fully realize what they are signing up for before it’s too late. However, I have gathered from many sources that she may have very well been a groomed MK Ultra victim (please review the links at the end of this post), meaning that she was subjected to trauma based mind control and possibly a victim of Sadistic Ritual Abuse. I know you’re probably thinking, “CCC is crazy! There is no Illuminati and Amy Winehouse was simply another pitiful, drugged out popstar who O.D’d!” And I am saying to you that I wish that it were so simple!  Her death is a tragedy if but for no other reason, than her soul may have been lost in the process! This is profoundly horrid when contemplating the eternal consequences of a life loss because of enslavement to an occult oriented industry who found her good for nothing but to dispose of her for the sake of their demonic rituals.

In this post I will also provide several videos  that I believe are very important for those who want and need to educate themselves about the same entertainment industry that you invite into your homes everyday (for hours a day on end), whose music you or your kids pump into their ears incessantly via radio or some other means; who you spend hundreds of dollars per year to buy and see their movies in the theatre or by purchasing their DVDs, etc. No aspect of entertainment has been spared infiltration and domination by the elite whose mission is to indoctrinate you and your children to become obedient slaves in this new age of Aquarius aka the age of the anti-Christ. The videos that I will include are very important for you to view in order to gain a definitive understanding of what’s going on in The Industry.  Amy Winehouse unfortunately joins what has been called the 27 Club. There have been an overwhelming number of celebrities and celebrity wannabes who have mysteriously died at the age of 27.  The number 27 is said to be a very important number to the occult and mostly all of these mysterious deaths have been around the Summer Solstice when the occult is known to perform ritualistic sacrifices.  Why does it seem so far fetched to think that an industry ruled by witches and the like would participate in an occult ritual human sacrifices?

The videos below have a lot of heavy stuff in them. It makes all of this so-called, “conspiracy theory” stuff a more vivid and valid reality. For instance, there’s a clip in this first video below that includes a portion of a 1998 Prince concert where he closes out one of his concerts by saying, “I gotta get back to America! I gotta get ready for the bombs! Osama Bin Laden is gettin’ ready to bomb! America you better watch out! 2001 hit me!” Really?! Why was Prince privy to information that no one else had except for the U.S. government and the controlling elite, in 1998? 
 I have also discovered in my research a “knee-jerk”, idiotic reaction to prove that this stuff is real and that people are starting to wake up, panic and run scared as some are basically saying “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” This is obviously not a valid option for Believers however Yeshua said in the Gospels, “And except that Elohim had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He has chosen, He has shortened the days.” (Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20) Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t handle the truth so if they can’t function in denial then they’ll punk out and surrender to the satanic powers that be because that seems to be easier than resistance.

The Illuminati EXPOSED: The Big Picture (1 of 3)

Hollywood MK Deception – Return to OZ Excellent insight into the commonly used OZ programming

But wait, there’s more! The Industry Exposed series is also an excellent resource! Pay special attention to Parts 74 and 75 as they contain information regarding the ritual killings of actress, Sharon Tate and the role that her killer, Charles Manson’s role in connection with her then husband, the notorious occult film director, Roman Polanski played in her untimely and gruesome death.

Vigilant Citizen is an excellent resource for decent and credible information! Check out this article:
When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Mind Control Techniques

Apparently July 23, 2011 will be another day of infamy as not only did Amy Winehouse make her exit from the land of the living but there was a bombing and a shooting massacre that took place in Norway as well. Seven died from the bombing and 86 are being reported as dying from the shooting massacre at a Norwegian youth camp.  This stuff is not coincidence! Those who are in the know, understand that these are quite possibly blood ritual killings and every last one of these high profile deaths are in celebration of the witches’ sabbath known as the Summer Solstice. It is known to be a minor sabbath that requires human sacrifice. If you recall some similar things took place on May 1st of this year, when all of a sudden Osama Bin Laden had supposedly been found and killed by U.S. intelligence and had all of the zombie sheeple who are not paying attention, celebrating the death of a CIA Operative who was more than likely killed at that time as a ritual human sacrifice for the occult celebration of May Day also known as Beltane. Do you really think that the CIA, NSA and other allied intelligence from Europe had NO idea where this man was until May 1, 2011? Puh-leeeze!!!!!!! That, in and of itself is a laughable hoax!

Another excellent resource is Butterflyy’s Opinion, check out her recent post regarding Nicki Minaj and her multiple personalities. It has become increasingly cute for celebrities to make dissociative disorder seem cute or hip when at the core of multiple personalities is demonic possession via trauma (such as rape and electroshock therapy). Celebrities wield no power of their own, they are slaves and pawns of the entertainment industry and their lives are not their own! The elite who control the entertainment industry understand that if they take demonic possession and occult symbols and rituals and dress them up in the flesh of your favorite celebrity then you will readily accept it as something to aspire to in your own life and if not you, certainly your kids!

Please take the time to read another important resource called 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300. There is also a transcribed interview with Illuminati expert and former insider, Fritz Springmeier. These are essential and valuable research references for anyone who wants a greater understanding of what is going on in the world and mass media. I dare you to measure it up against what scripture tells us would happen in the last days!

I will conclude by saying that people who are just embarking upon a research journey need to be careful not to be deceived or hyped up into paranoia by the enemy or so-called “truthers” whose “truth” is tainted with new age, occult and esoteric propaganda! If you haven’t been reading your Bible then you may want to start as everything you research must fall in line with the Word of Yahweh or it can’t be trusted!

Watch and pray!


Interview with Fritz Springmeier 1

Interview with Fritz Springmeier 2

Justify Theory: Occult Mind Control – The Truth About Monarch Programming

First of all let me say that I did not arrive at this blog lightly but in my research, I came across one of the most informative videos (it is actually somewhat of a compilation of several other notable videos regarding the same subject matter) about the price that famous people pay to be famous.  You should know that this does not just apply to the entertainment industry but just know that if you are profoundly successful at what you do, you will arouse the attention of the elite and you will propositioned with the same option of enslavement to the elite that famous and other successful wealthy people are enslaved. Now understand that I cannot be sure that ALL wealthy and successful people especially on a national and international scale, are of this satanic elite or enslaved to it but there is a price for such success! The very concept of fame is Luciferian in nature, it says that you want to be seen, you want people to know you. The quest for fame is the quest to be known as a god in your own right and worshiped for how great you are. It is the creation seeking to usurp the position of the Creator. It is a concept that is as old as Lucifer, himself!

Many hear about blood sacrifices, mind control and illuminati and they immediately dismiss these claims as nothing more than conspiracy theories but I submit to you, that perhaps there is more to becoming famous than talent. There’s an old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know.” So if you are seen as useful to the elite’s plan to indoctrinate the world towards a New World Order and all that such an undertaking would require (i.e., creating war, false flag terrorism, use of neuro-linguistic and subliminal occult symbolism/themes in media for mass programming, depopulation, militarization, one world government and one world religion) then you might be ripe for the enslavement of fame!

Mark 8:36 says, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

I included the video about Katt Williams’ recent breakdown because when you agree to become enslaved to the elite you agree to submit to whatever they require of you.  For most this means submitting themselves to trauma based mind control techniques. (Google MK Ultra) Often times this programming breaks down and you get Brittany Spears shaving her head, Mariah Carey taking off her clothes on national television and Katt Williams stripping down and behaving erratically at a concert or running down the street and into a hotel lobby in the nude and these are just a few examples.  Fame is not what it is cracked up to be and there are rumors circulating that there are some celebrities who may have submitted themselves to being “chipped” as in microchipped.  (Vigilant Citizen – Mind Control Theories and Techniques)

This stuff is deep and sometimes overwhelming as research uncovers more layers of lies and deception but we need to be praying for those who have enslaved themselves to this satanic system as well as “gird up the loins of our minds” (I Peter 1:13) so that we are not deceived and swept away in a current of celebrity worship or worse deceived into believing that if we could just achieve a kind “god-hood” through notoriety of our own that all of our problems would be resolved and that fame, of any level (church, local, nationally, or internationally) would somehow validate you and remedy whatever you are lacking in life. That’s something that only Yeshua can do! Biblical Christianity calls for us to make Yeshua famous not ourselves! The Pharisees, other religious leaders and pagans sought their own fame but Yeshua said in John 12:32, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to me.” We should be about the business of making Yeshua’s name great in the earth and not our own.

I am not saying that we should be mediocre by any means but I am saying that our motives need to be purged, purified, sanctified and washed in the Blood of Yeshua so that our agenda is a Kingdom agenda and not our own carnal agenda.

Also please check out this pic as it provides what I believe interesting insight into one of the entertainment industry’s most revered and maligned slaves. Some of it is new age hooey but Michael Jackson was a pawn of the elite just like others in the entertainment industry so it would not be difficult to imagine him believing in the existence of aliens as extraterrestrial beings instead of demonic manifestations. But some of it may very well be valid. If this pic is not clear enough here is the pic’s direct link: Michael Jackson – Exposing the Illuminatifrom the "Dangerous" album


Mind Control, Esoteric and Occult  in the Entertainment Industry

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