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We are living in an ever increasingly wicked age where no one but the remnant few even cares what the scriptural mandate to love Yahweh our Elohim with ALL of our heart, with ALL of our soul and with ALL of our might and love our neighbor as we love ourselves, means or cares enough to take it to heart and do what it says. The emphasis of the modern church has been redirected from spiritual warfare and toiling in Yahweh’s vineyard for souls to pandering to the status quo and chasing titles and positions in an attempt to be validated by men. Many have even felt the tug of the Ruach on their souls to come out from the Babylonian system of Churchianity but because mother, father, sister, brother, bishop, pastor and others would no longer understand or approve of forsaking status quo Churchianity in order to become apart of the True Bride of the Master, Yahshua, they choose by default to suffer in silence and even negate what they know is true (Mattthew 10:37-38). They fear the ridicule that comes with being a chosen generation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood who have been called out of darkness into His marvelous light (I Peter 2:9).

It has become all too easy for the church to abandon it’s original mandate to feed the hungry, visit the sick, shut-in and those in prison as well as be a light to those of whom Yahweh sends us. We have a responsibility to be a light to those in darkness and how can we ever be that light if we are too engrained in our cliques and social club churches, that don’t say that they have exclusive membership but behave as if they do. The damnable “prosperity gospel” has for several decades now insinuated that to be poor is to be cursed and to be wealthy is to have the favor of Yahweh. This is an abject lie and an outrageous perversion of the gospel! The parable of Lazarus and the rich man as told in Luke 16:19-31, is a reminder that to have material wealth and influence in this life means absolutely nothing as it will not provide access into Yahweh’s eternal kingdom. How ironic it is that poor Lazarus who lay at the gate of the rich man’s dwelling, hungry and in misery while the dogs licked his sores was found righteous enough to dwell with Yahweh for eternity. Also note that Yahshua didn’t not even find it necessary to name the rich man so he remains a nameless, pitiful example of who not to end up like despite his wealth and status in this life. Many wealthy televangelists and their faithful followers would do well to seriously consider this parable when insinuating that people need to seek Yahweh for wealth and privilege in this life over seeking His sovereign will because His will is the only thing that matters! To insinuate otherwise is to contradict Yahweh’s statement in Jeremiah 29:11 where He declares that His plans for us are plans for peace and not of evil. All He asks is that we obey!

Proverbs 21:13 says “Whoever stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.” While I John 3:17 says, “If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion–how can God’s love be in that person?” and James 2:15-17 says, “Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”–but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do? Even so faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone.” 

I recently left a church community because they were opposed to outreach ministry beyond the “four walls” of their church. Sadly, they are the rule and not the exception among many churches and ministries. And even worse is that most churches and ministries who do have outreach to the hungry, homeless, etc. do so grudgingly or for the sake of bragging rites. They don’t show up at the homeless shelter, prison, hospital, etc. to minister as much as they do to make an appearance. They treat the people that they are sent to serve as if they were “filthy rags” undeserving of  love and respect. They even have the attitude that these people that they are mandated to minister to should just be grateful that they cared enough to show up. They often feed them substandard food, give them clothes that are fit for nothing but disposal and turn their noses up at them because they live in a shelter, or on the street or smell funny or have obvious issues! They even make the presumptuous mistake of assuming that everyone of these people must not be saved because of their situation. Churchianity is too “cute” and too blessed to be stressed with the cares of those whom Yahshua made it plain that we are to care and provide for as much as possible so that through our generosity to them they might see Yahshua in us and desire a close relationship with Him if they do not already have one. The greco-roman idea of “church” must cease to exist among those who desire to truly feed Yah’s lambs.

Christians are too busy and too preoccupied with the cares of this life to even care what Yahweh wants. If many Christians even cared, truly cared what Yahweh wanted, they would examine their everyday lives and traditions up against scripture. They would seek the Ruach haQodesh for wisdom and they would gladly abandon many of the things that Yahweh abhors instead of making excuses and concessions for things that Yahweh hates! When you hate what Yah hates and love what He loves, you won’t mind toiling in Yahweh’s vineyard to serve the so-called, undesirables of society. Your only concern becomes living a life that will attract people to Yahweh for His glory and His glory alone. This process begins with first finding out who you are in Yahshua. Once you have a clearly defined identity and reality in Yahshua, you will gladly accept your mandate and do whatever it takes to fulfill it in your life. You will love the unlovable and serve those who Yahweh has sent you to minister to with great joy!

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