Midrash Monthly


This blog is exists for the Natsarim who know that “The Church” is full of unbiblical practices and traditions not to mention a penchant for pandering to the carnal that is a profound distraction to the sincere Believer. We are obviously rebelling against the world system (current and future) but we are also in rebellion against everything that Yahuweh hates and that includes false (heretical and apostate) doctrines, pagan practices, carnality, and the deception taking place within the modern church that is setting up Believers to be enslaved by the Anti-messiah. We have provided many reference resources and we advise that you take advantage of all of them. Don’t take anybody’s word as truth unless it makes since in light of Yahuweh’s Word and is congruent with prophecy. READ YOUR BIBLE!!! As many people are going to miss the mark (Philippian 3:14) because they are too lazy to read and study the Word of Yahuweh! Also beware of decoys!! There are many so-called information sources that are pagan/esoteric and/or psyops, meaning that they exist to mislead people by providing erroneous information and lacing the information that they do provide with New Age philosophies and religious practices that on the surface appear to be Believers in Yahshua as Messiah but are actually anti-Messiah! Be informed but don’t be misled!


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