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Opportunists don’t see people, they see opportunities. This is a problem because in order for the opportunist to see you as an opportunity they must first dehumanize you in some manner to justify their practical sociopathic use of a human being as a device for achieving their own self-aggrandizing goal(s). This is why it becomes easy for the opportunist to so easily dispose of a person who has “served their useful purpose” or worse leave a dagger of betrayal in the back of one for whom they can no longer use as an opportunity for leverage, elevation, collateral or chattel. The opportunist does not love, they possess and once an opportunist does a “favor” for you, you will forever be in their debt and they will “milk” and/or siphon every bit of that favor from you, practically to the point of inequity because their time and their agenda is more important to them than treating people with mutual respect. These people are often very charismatic and use their charisma to manipulate and misuse other people as they do not see people but they reduce people to nothing more than opportunities to meet their own personal needs, serve their personal agenda or achieve a personal goal. This why the once “loving ” soul can now look you in the face with absolute disdain and total disregard for your plight because you were a “device”, a “stepping-stone”; something to be used and discarded when you’ve been used up or don’t perform to the standard of them accomplishing their goal through you and your efforts or worse they have successfully accomplished their goal and no longer have use for you. I have often said this of brown-nosers, behind-kissers, etc. Because these people don’t know how to effectively love, honor, and respect people so they dehumanize and use people to get what they want or even need. These people only see other people as “a means to an end” and they will never love or respect you until and unless they allow God to heal them so that they can receive His love;  reverential, obedient fear and honor Him so that they can love, respect and honor other people.

What was described in the above paragraph is by no means isolated as you are being perpetually manipulated every single day via mainstream media and even over the pulpit by means of unscriptural teaching.  Midrash Monthly (formerly Christian Counter Culture) exists for the purpose of refuting unscriptural but popular traditions of men as well as shine a light on the deception, indoctrination and diabolical assault on all that is sacred and Holy. People are sleeping and our mission is to wake people up, provoke intelligent thought that will prayerfully lead to an acceptance of unadulterated TRUTH! We have all been deceived for too long and it is Yahweh’s desire for those who will receive and accept it, to know the truth so that the truth will make them free! How can you ever truly know and love Yeshua if you don’t know or are unwillingly to receive the TRUTH!

People in politics, media, entertainment and even most of the so-called people who preach to you over pulpit and television don’t love you!! In fact you are a means to an end for them. They could care less about you, your spouse, your kids or anyone in your family. They could care even less about your soul and relationship with Yeshua. In fact, most of them are on assignment to turn out as many people into hell as possible and they doing a great job! Rappers, actors, pop stars are worshiped like gods while The Elite use them to bewitch you and your children.

Things that were once taboo and acknowledged as sinful or in anyway subversive and counterproductive to a lifestyle of holiness are now accepted as the norm. And I am not speaking of non-believers, I’m speaking specifically of those who identify themselves as Believers. Many, despite their claims, have yet to discover their identity and reality in Yeshua and due to their reality and identity being founded upon the shaky, unstable foundation of temporal things, they will live the fruitless, haphazard, mediocre existence of the so-called “carnal believer”.  These are believers for whom the things of this world are of greater value than the things of God’s kingdom hence the constant apostate agenda of relegating Yahweh’s laws and commands to mere religion instead of respecting, revering and obeying  them as the laws of His government and kingdom. Our relationship with Yahweh was never meant to be reduced to mere religion, that’s for pagans! Our relationship with Yahweh was meant to be based on obedience to the laws of His government which are meant to enable us to then walk as sons, daughters and ambassadors of His kingdom which will in turn ultimately provide the basis for us to rule and reign with Him as kings! But how can we be sons, daughters and ambassadors let alone kings in the holiest of kingdoms,  if we don’t regard the laws and commandments of His government? You’re right, you don’t have to do them. You get to do them.  It is a profound joy and pleasure to live according to the governmental laws that govern Yahweh’s kingdom. There is an immense satisfaction that yields a more intimate walk with Yeshua and causes  us to know the deep things of Who He is and what He desires to accomplish through our lives. It is a lifestyle of worship where He is truly all and all that matters is His sovereign will. If you are so deceived as to believe that the governmental laws of God’s kingdom are bondage and/or “works” then you misunderstand the purpose of government which is to guard against lawlessness which is of satan and you have mistakenly equated obeying God’s laws with being saved or a Believer.  If you have confessed and repented of sin, have submitted to the process of sanctification that brings about regeneration then you are saved indeed by grace and no one can take that away from you but the intimacy comes when you understand that the abundant life that God desires for us to have applies to those who are willing to abide by and respect the laws and commands that govern His kingdom. When you get this revelation, you are then able to understand that Yahweh, God of the universe is about order and structure as much as He is about love and grace and these things are not bondage or troublesome for those who truly love Him and desire His divine will, it is a joy!

The videos and information below will provide beneficial information to the true Believer. Please take care to take notes and feel free to measure everything in this blog against Holy scripture.

The website listed below contains pertinent information as many of the things in this blog will reference the increasingly common use of subversive, satanic and occult based signs, signals and even hand gestures.

Satanic Signs and Hand Gestures 

This next website is even more comprehensive in providing information related to ALL luciferian symbology

Luciferian Symbols

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Grace and Peace to you! Even so come Lord, Yeshua!


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