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Many truth watchers may have suspected that another celebrity demise was on the horizon. I mean it’s the height of the Summer Solstice and the occult oriented elite just might need a human sacrifice. I felt it coming on but didn’t think it might be Amy Winehouse. This tortured but talented Illuminati pawn met an early demise Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the age of 27.  Many of these people in the slave plantation known as the Entertainment Industry, don’t fully realize what they are signing up for before it’s too late. However, I have gathered from many sources that she may have very well been a groomed MK Ultra victim (please review the links at the end of this post), meaning that she was subjected to trauma based mind control and possibly a victim of Sadistic Ritual Abuse. I know you’re probably thinking, “CCC is crazy! There is no Illuminati and Amy Winehouse was simply another pitiful, drugged out popstar who O.D’d!” And I am saying to you that I wish that it were so simple!  Her death is a tragedy if but for no other reason, than her soul may have been lost in the process! This is profoundly horrid when contemplating the eternal consequences of a life loss because of enslavement to an occult oriented industry who found her good for nothing but to dispose of her for the sake of their demonic rituals.

In this post I will also provide several videos  that I believe are very important for those who want and need to educate themselves about the same entertainment industry that you invite into your homes everyday (for hours a day on end), whose music you or your kids pump into their ears incessantly via radio or some other means; who you spend hundreds of dollars per year to buy and see their movies in the theatre or by purchasing their DVDs, etc. No aspect of entertainment has been spared infiltration and domination by the elite whose mission is to indoctrinate you and your children to become obedient slaves in this new age of Aquarius aka the age of the anti-Christ. The videos that I will include are very important for you to view in order to gain a definitive understanding of what’s going on in The Industry.  Amy Winehouse unfortunately joins what has been called the 27 Club. There have been an overwhelming number of celebrities and celebrity wannabes who have mysteriously died at the age of 27.  The number 27 is said to be a very important number to the occult and mostly all of these mysterious deaths have been around the Summer Solstice when the occult is known to perform ritualistic sacrifices.  Why does it seem so far fetched to think that an industry ruled by witches and the like would participate in an occult ritual human sacrifices?

The videos below have a lot of heavy stuff in them. It makes all of this so-called, “conspiracy theory” stuff a more vivid and valid reality. For instance, there’s a clip in this first video below that includes a portion of a 1998 Prince concert where he closes out one of his concerts by saying, “I gotta get back to America! I gotta get ready for the bombs! Osama Bin Laden is gettin’ ready to bomb! America you better watch out! 2001 hit me!” Really?! Why was Prince privy to information that no one else had except for the U.S. government and the controlling elite, in 1998? 
 I have also discovered in my research a “knee-jerk”, idiotic reaction to prove that this stuff is real and that people are starting to wake up, panic and run scared as some are basically saying “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” This is obviously not a valid option for Believers however Yeshua said in the Gospels, “And except that Elohim had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He has chosen, He has shortened the days.” (Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20) Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t handle the truth so if they can’t function in denial then they’ll punk out and surrender to the satanic powers that be because that seems to be easier than resistance.

The Illuminati EXPOSED: The Big Picture (1 of 3)

Hollywood MK Deception – Return to OZ Excellent insight into the commonly used OZ programming

But wait, there’s more! The Industry Exposed series is also an excellent resource! Pay special attention to Parts 74 and 75 as they contain information regarding the ritual killings of actress, Sharon Tate and the role that her killer, Charles Manson’s role in connection with her then husband, the notorious occult film director, Roman Polanski played in her untimely and gruesome death.

Vigilant Citizen is an excellent resource for decent and credible information! Check out this article:
When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Mind Control Techniques

Apparently July 23, 2011 will be another day of infamy as not only did Amy Winehouse make her exit from the land of the living but there was a bombing and a shooting massacre that took place in Norway as well. Seven died from the bombing and 86 are being reported as dying from the shooting massacre at a Norwegian youth camp.  This stuff is not coincidence! Those who are in the know, understand that these are quite possibly blood ritual killings and every last one of these high profile deaths are in celebration of the witches’ sabbath known as the Summer Solstice. It is known to be a minor sabbath that requires human sacrifice. If you recall some similar things took place on May 1st of this year, when all of a sudden Osama Bin Laden had supposedly been found and killed by U.S. intelligence and had all of the zombie sheeple who are not paying attention, celebrating the death of a CIA Operative who was more than likely killed at that time as a ritual human sacrifice for the occult celebration of May Day also known as Beltane. Do you really think that the CIA, NSA and other allied intelligence from Europe had NO idea where this man was until May 1, 2011? Puh-leeeze!!!!!!! That, in and of itself is a laughable hoax!

Another excellent resource is Butterflyy’s Opinion, check out her recent post regarding Nicki Minaj and her multiple personalities. It has become increasingly cute for celebrities to make dissociative disorder seem cute or hip when at the core of multiple personalities is demonic possession via trauma (such as rape and electroshock therapy). Celebrities wield no power of their own, they are slaves and pawns of the entertainment industry and their lives are not their own! The elite who control the entertainment industry understand that if they take demonic possession and occult symbols and rituals and dress them up in the flesh of your favorite celebrity then you will readily accept it as something to aspire to in your own life and if not you, certainly your kids!

Please take the time to read another important resource called 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300. There is also a transcribed interview with Illuminati expert and former insider, Fritz Springmeier. These are essential and valuable research references for anyone who wants a greater understanding of what is going on in the world and mass media. I dare you to measure it up against what scripture tells us would happen in the last days!

I will conclude by saying that people who are just embarking upon a research journey need to be careful not to be deceived or hyped up into paranoia by the enemy or so-called “truthers” whose “truth” is tainted with new age, occult and esoteric propaganda! If you haven’t been reading your Bible then you may want to start as everything you research must fall in line with the Word of Yahweh or it can’t be trusted!

Watch and pray!


Interview with Fritz Springmeier 1

Interview with Fritz Springmeier 2

Justify Theory: Occult Mind Control – The Truth About Monarch Programming


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