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This post will attempt to reveal the link between the homosexual, transgender, anti-gender role movement and how they are linked to the occult god, Baphomet (who is also satan) as well as how this entire agenda is a collaborative effort by the elite to destroy the nuclear family as well as render the biblical roles of men and women obsolete.  Many believe that the Anti-Christ will himself be a sodomite. The information provided in this post will give greater insight as why the Anti-Christ may very well be homosexual and how this relates to the satanic worship of Baphomet. First I will provide a brief history of Baphomet worship as well as its origins and its increasing prolific presence in modern society. Once you understand this occult god’s prominence in Freemasonry, witchcraft and its importance to the elite you will also have a greater understanding of the push to remove the taboo from the homosexual/lesbian/transgender lifestyle.

Baphomet is a humanoid figure with a goat’s head and embodies both genders, as it has the breast of a woman and is depicted as having both male and female organs. It is also referred to the Goat of Mendes, the Black goat or Judas goat. Matthew 25:31-34 gives us insight into why the use of a goat is symbolic and used in reference to those who live in opposition to Yahweh. Goats are defined by their selfish, stubborn, indignant and rebellious nature while sheep, who are used as symbolism for Saints are obedient and the opposite of a goat’s disposition.  Goats were even used in the Torah for the scapegoat.

Who Is Baphomet? – Secret Arcana is an absolutely superb article regarding the pivotal role of Baphomet in Freemasonry, the occult, paganism, witchcraft and even pop culture! The androgynous nature of Baphomet is important to note because the worship of this deity goes back to the Knights Templar, who were the ancestors to modern Freemasonry. The Knights Templar would gather to engage in ritualistic “sex magic” rituals which were nothing more than orgies that these men participated in that they believed would give them power. During these “sex magic” ritual orgies they would recite incantations and petition Baphomet. It should be duly noted that these were sodomy based orgies hence the involvement of Baphomet.

It has been leaked from the within the elite that sodomy rituals are a common practice as are other “sex magic” rituals where demonic entities are petitioned for power and possession.  This link is crucial to the persistent homosexual agenda as the elite seek to make clear cut gender roles obsolete.  This is also at the root of feminism as the goal of feminism works in cooperation with the homosexual community to “liberate” society from traditional gender roles. To be specifically male or female is considered passe’ as pop stars and other celebrities hail and laud the homosexual/lesbian/transgender lifestyle. It’s no longer cool to be a man if you’re not at least a little metrosexual and women who simply desire to get married and have children are looked upon as bottom-feeding “breeders” by a growing movement that condemns people who actually procreate.  Rumors of Lady Gaga being an hermaphrodite (having both male and female genitalia) have been the topic of internet legend however it may be true, if for no other reason it would give good reason for her constant references to Baphomet.

This is only one of many allusions to Baphomet as she poses in “as above so below” pose. It should also be duly noted that a monument of George Washington exist with him in the same “as above so below” pose. (Below)

Baphomet worship has become pervasive throughout media as the elite understand that the more they eat away at the very fabric of the traditional family the more likely they are to succeed in overthrowing absolutes in morality.  Baphomet is the ultimate gray area that challenges Biblical values and seeks to render them archaic and irrelevant.  It is within your best interest to recognize this subversive behavior as it is this very climate that is sucking children into a vacuum of sexual perversion and confusion via media indoctrination.  There is a serious problem with a little boy wanting to dress up like a princess or worse, who believes that he should’ve actually been born a girl and vice versa there is something troublesome about a little girl who believes that she should’ve actually been male and not female as if God made a mistake.  Media subliminal usage is prolific in regard to this and should not be underestimated as a pervasive and profound influence.  You can’t know these things if you don’t do your research. This is not the time to be lazy, this is the time to watch and pray!


This is important to note because the objectives of the Freemasons toward world domination have been carefully interwoven into the very fabric of this country. For greater research and insight into these matters I strongly suggest that you watch the videos below.

The New Atlantis



4 Responses to "Homosexuality, Gender Confusion and The Spirit of Baphomet"

You make gender confusion sound like a bad thing.

For Yahweh is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. I Corinthians 14:33

um, where did you get your information from? I’m curious as I read the article you included and it never mentioned anything about the Knights Templar having wild anal orgies. I thought maybe I could click around and find some kind of article about it, but the only thing I could find that spoke about the Templar’s and their “sex magic” involved women and was more or less ALLEGATIONS by a man who SUPPOSEDLY was involved with the Templar’s. I did read a lot about the Freemasons using “sex magic” however it was not to conjure up the devil and was used by combining yoga and sex… so I’m a little confused as to why you would base an entire article about gay sex really being a gateway for the anti-Christ when you clearly are basing all your ideas off “educated” guesses at best! Please include where you pulled this information from because this article was poorly done and offensive.

Your confusion is your own problem as you did not submit a comment because you truly want a legitimate answer. You made your offensive and rather obtuse comment based on your being offended and if the article offended you then I can’t speak to that but after years of research what I have written is factual. The biblical truth of homosexuality in and of itself offends many and yet it makes it no less a sin. We stand behind what is written here and don’t feel the need to justify ourselves to people such as yourself who have made up your minds in advance. Believe as you please my dear, we do not exist to change the minds of those who have already made up their minds!

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