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YouTube – AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 2/14.

This is a 14 part video series that provides a definitive and comprehensive view of the so-called secular movement that refers to themselves as “Truthers”. Many of these so-called “Truthers” are smart and cunning enough to know that something is up in terms of where we are as far as end time events but in their attempt to educate and inform others they themselves are being deceived by the very same occult and theosophical beliefs and agenda that are the very foundation of the elites’ New World Order. It is widely believed that many of these “Truthers” may very well be deceived, misinformed people but there are a great deal who are PSYOPS. 

PSYOPS are entities within all forms of media who are working in cooperation with the elite to disseminate disinformation. Most of this disinformation is creating some confusion as they are informing people about the subversive behavior of our government as well as the occult influence of media and yet they are also attempting to discredit Yeshua as just another deity while telling people that they are themselves gods. I am writing this post because Believers need to be aware that a lot of this information is erroneous at best. Beware of any information that attempts to defame Yeshua.  Aquarius The Age of Evil is a documentary that responds to the theosophical philosophies of documentaries such as Zeitgeist that seek to discredit Yeshua as Messiah by saying that He was basically a rip-off of pagan deities such as Horus. This is an obvious inflammatory lie and yet many are being deceived. My advice to all Believers is to test everything that you hear, see and read up against scripture and if it doesn’t  match up with the Word of God then you need to be careful of the information that you get from these sources. 

It is this confusion that has turned off a lot of Believers and has created within them an aversion to becoming informed about the moves of the government to either exterminate or enslave them while lulling them into a stupor via substandard food, education and subversive and occult based media to complete an indoctrination that is only preparing them to become willing pawns of the New World Order while putting them at odds with Yahweh’s will.  I don’t advise Believers to just get their information from so-called Christian outlets either, don’t make the mistake of “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. I have found some of the information from some of these secular sources to be rather useful and helpful especially regarding the topics of mind control methods used in conjunction with occult practices and methods of divination; neuro-linguistic, subliminal methods as well as the subversive efforts of the Catholic church and many protestant churches (that are only Catholic churches in disguise) to bring about the one world religion that will be the companion to the one world government and more.

Don’t think that this is real? Google Agenda 21 and REX 84. Agenda 21 is the UN plan to globally end private citizenship and personal rights such as ownership of personal property.  REX 84 is the plan that was initially planned back in the ’80’s and was brought to light through the Iran-Contra Hearings regarding the plans for martial law and imprisonment in FEMA internment camps of people who fail to comply with the laws of the new government that will be established under martial law. People who are considered a threat to the NWO  will be imprisoned and ultimately exterminated. Many will be exterminated anyway because one of Agenda 21’s plans is to reduce the world’s population to a more “manageable” number of people to effectively control and enslave.  This is no joke! Hosea 4:6 reminds us that we can be destroyed for lack of knowledge. Know God! Truly know Him as sovereign and equip yourself with the reading and study of the Word of God and don’t be fooled by media! IF IT IS NOT CONGRUENT WITH GOD’S WORD THEN IT IS FALSE!

Also realize that ALL media is tainted with illusions and deceptions that are designed to distract you and throw you off your axis. Psalm 73:28 says, “But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all your works.” That scripture has always been one to live by now more than ever!

This pic made the news this week because the FOX show, MasterChef showed a shot of a crowd outside of their studios and augmented (photoshopped) the pic to make it appear that there were more people at their auditions than there actually were but they were busted by a keen-eyed viewer. As you see this pic at first glance you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that there are several groups of people with the exact same clothes and the exact same poses.  I posted this because it should be understood that the goal of media is to persuade, deceive and indoctrinate. If FOX will photo shop the opening shot of a cattle call for a dumb reality TV show, why wouldn’t they (the elite who control media) lie and deceive you about weightier matters such as the economy, war, etc.?  I have also noticed that for the past year or so they have been outing themselves via the media with various History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel programs and documentaries that tell the truth about everything from the 9/11 attacks to the luciferian origins of the Statue of Liberty. TruTv even has a show hosted by Jesse Ventura that seeks to expose and verify a variety of so-called conspiracy theories. I truly believe that we are so late in the game and they are so close to ushering in their “Age of Aquarius” that they are thumbing their noses at us as if to say, “Yeah, this what we’re doing! So what! What are you going to do about it, peon?”. They no longer care if you know what they are doing because they are carrying on in plain sight and steadily year after year revealing who they are and what they have been planning for quite sometime. They even have a name for this steady unveiling of their agenda called, Externalization. But you won’t know the difference if you’re asleep or inebriated on the things of this world. (I Peter 1:13 Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ)

Brothers and sisters, this is one of many wake up calls! What will it take for you to wake up? You might not get another!



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