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MTV Sight from ilovedust on Vimeo.

The above video is called MTV Sight occurred in our daily research courtesy of Vigilant Citizen. It is replete with luciferian symbols such as “The All Seeing Eye” or “Eye of Horus” (who is also satan or Lucifer), a bull’s skull which is also used to represent Baphomet who is also satan. As well as a plethora of images alluding to MK Ultra and mind control. MTV is essentially putting it out there just who they represent. How long will you continue to indulge in media that is meant to indoctrinate the masses and undermine everything that you believe as a servant of Yeshua HaMashiach? This isn’t MTV’s first promo commercial to contain luciferian, masonic and other occult and esoteric symbols and imagery, it is actually one of many. I also noticed that at the end of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant they make it a point to flash “The All Seeing Eye”  complete w/a pentagram in the pupil. Below are several M TV promos and you can see for yourself just what I’m talking about.

Time for playing is long over! There is no excuse for Believers especially internet savvy Believers not to know about this stuff! People who don’t even have a relationship with Yeshua know that this is very wrong and yet so many so-called Christians are themselves watching this garbage and/or allowing their children to consume a steady viewing diet of this trash. Every last awards show on M TV is nothing more than a display of occult and masonic rituals. If the ungodly know that something is up, why don’t more Believers know or care?



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