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Our sister blog, ChristianSingleMother, recently published a post regarding the use of mass media but particularly, television to indoctrinate everyone but especially children into wicked, perverse and satanic philosophies. What parents need to understand is that the writers, directors, producers, etc. have an agenda and it so extends beyond merely getting money and being famous. These people are indoctrinating your children by desensitizing them to violence, exposing them to overtly sexual behavior, hailing anti-Christian sentiment and ingraining occult and esoteric themes and symbols into the subconscious mind of your children in preparation for the arrival of the Anti-Christ! Whether you like it or not, that is the era that you are living in and if you allow the likes of Disney, Viacom (BET, MTV, VH1, Nickolodeon, Nick Jr.) and others to influence your child, you are allowing them to be groomed by the enemy to oppose the very God that you claim to serve and love. Parents should NEVER allow their children to watch television unsupervised! Proverbs 4:23 tells us, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” These influences seep within the very core of a person and causes them to embrace the very things that Elohim despises!

Below is a video that shows that indoctrination of children as far back as 20 years ago or more. Also check out the ChristianSingleMother post and read the entry and view the video in that post as well. Both will give any parent who truly cares about the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health of their children insight into mass media’s agenda to enslave your child and future generations to the pending Anti-Christ system, put them at enmity with God by making satanic concept appealing and destroying their souls. This is not a subject to be taken lightly! Read and send the links to parents who need to know why it’s not “just a television show”, “just a movie”, “just a video game” or “just a song”. This article neither does the article on ChristianSingleMother suggest that ALL mass media is evil and subversive but the vast majority of it is and if you as a parent are not aware of the damage that this programming* can do then you are setting your children and possibly yourself to be destroyed!

The above are two in a series of four videos, please view the entire series! Be blessed!



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