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Those Christians and church people who are into cults of personality and who offend easily and people who are in abject denial, you are not ready for this blog and I would strongly encourage you to exit out of this page, forget you ever saw it; fast, pray, turn off your hella-vision, get into the reading and studying of God’s Word. Because unless you do, you will be lost because you are being set-up and indoctrinated to receive the New Age Messiah as your savior and you don’t even know it! This blog is not for church followers, recreational and inconsistent “Christians” who go to church merely to see and be seen. This is for Believers who are hungry to know Messiah and who long to separate from the world’s system so that they can shine a light in dark places and lift up Yeshua as Messiah. If you are still courting the world and seeking a spiritual experience and not Yeshua as Savior and Lord, The Only Way, Truth and the Life, then this blog is not for you.

While the world is busy ushering in “The Age of Aquarius” and heralding the arrival of the Anti-christ or New Age Messiah, Christians are groping in the dark or being misled by TBN televangelists and even their local churches regarding the importance of what the media is reflecting to us and why we as Believers should be concerned.   The apostate church has been steadily operating to dismantle Christianity from the inside out but what they don’t realize is that this has already been addressed in God’s word and in the end we still win. But the question is who are “we”? We are the Believers who are not seeking the pleasures of this world but rather the face and purpose of our Saviour, Yeshua HaMashiach, for our lives. Our identity and reality are found in Him therefore we are not afraid or intimidated by information that exposes the plans of the Anti-christ, his apostate church or his one-world government. Believers need to be careful because many so-called Christian leaders are not who they seem, but notables such as John Hagee, Robert Schuller and Billy Graham and others have made statements that to those who are biblically literate, are nothing short of apostate.

John Hagee Denies That Jesus Claimed to be Messiah

John Hagee’s agenda is apostate rather than just merely heretical because he is supporting the Zionist/NWO agenda of  the current state of Israel. So he has written the book that was advertised in the video to support the belief that Yeshua never claimed to be Messiah, therefore the Jews cannot be held responsible for His crucifixion. This is total hogwash! Be careful of this especially because many Christians are afraid to renounce the current Zionist state of Israel but true Messianic Jews (who are not Zionist) will tell you that this is apostate teaching and it is a set up to usher in the Anti-Christ.

Billy Graham and Robert Schuller State that Jesus Is Not the Only Way to Salvation

There are several YouTube videos regarding Billy Graham’s denial of Messiah being the only way to Yahweh but this video’s maker also lists excerpts from the transcript, interviews from Larry King, Newsweek article and a more comprehensive and decisive resources regarding Billy Graham’s take on doctrine. I would strongly suggest that you check them out for yourself as I don’t want readers of this blog to make a habit of taking anybody’s word for granted as truth. Billy Graham is also documented as being a monarch (please review the resource listed at the end of this post). He also a documented Freemason. As you do your thorough research you will find that the probability of this is great as “the powers that be” have done all manner of evil in the church to misguide, mislead and misinform Christians so that they either become confused and disillusioned, apathetic, reprobate and indoctrinated by mere slight of hand into the esoteric and occult. This is why we must be careful and effectively apply 1 John 4:1, try every spirit to see whether it is of God. We can’t afford to leave ourselves vulnerable to deception because we are captivated by a personality instead being led through wisdom and discernment by the Spirit of God. Matthew 24:22 is quite clear when Messiah stated that things would become so convoluted that the days would be shortened for the sake of the very elect!  Whether your flesh or heart (Jeremiah 17:9) is willing to accept it or not, there is only one way to The Only True and Living God, Yahweh and that is through is Son, Yeshua HaMashiach! There IS NO other way! Yet you will find more and more so-called Christian leaders falling in line with the ecumenical movement that only seeks to deceive through pandering and “coexisting” with all that is offensive to God because it rejects His Son and denies His deity and His authority as being at the *right hand of The Father. Some Believers have “drunk the kool-aid” and fallen for all of the “coexist” okie doke because they don’t want to offend but they would rather offend God than to align themselves with God and exalt Yeshua as the only way to The Father.

Joel Osteen Doesn’t Know Whether Someone’s Denial Of Jesus Will Earn Them a Spot in Hell

As you review the above video, I hope you see that he tries to skirt the issue altogether by saying, “I don’t know.” What does that mean? He is supposed to know what the Bible says and expound on what it says! These people do not understand that the blood of millions of people will be required at their hands and it is profoundly sad and disturbing. Indeed we need to pray for these men and other like them who will follow in disseminating apostate doctrine that panders to the ecumenical movement because they don’t want to appear to be a  “fanatic”. The funny thing about that is in the coming months and years, we will see a lot of fanaticism and it won’t be for Yeshua! Already pop stars, rock stars and other celebs are declaring their allegiance to The Beast. All of the sun worship, one eye symbolism, pyramids, allusions to pagan gods and goddesses, occult and esoteric rituals on display these people are going all out for their god and Christians are standing by rooting them on then become timid when questioned about their own “faith”. As it is right now there is hardly a cartoon on any major network on Saturday mornings that is not replete with occult and esoteric themes.  Commercials with subversive and subliminal messages are prolific on television.  This is the time for Believers to seek the Face of Yahweh more than ever. It’s time to disconnect from the world’s system, customs, rituals, etc. and tune into what The Spirit of God is saying or we risk being deceived. This is not a joke, a game or the fanatical rants of conspiracy theorists. This is the real deal, I believe that we are the last generation and that it is quite possible that Yeshua will return in our lifetime. There is too much at stake, too much work to be done and the harvest is ripe but the laborers are truly few. Let’s be about the Father’s business.

The Wizard of OZ and Mind Control

The Evolution of the MK Ultra Project – Project Monarch

Billy Graham – Fritz Springmeier

As you research keep your wits about you. If you are not already aware of this stuff it will make your head spin but don’t allow fear and intimidation to keep you blind and deceived. Along this journey of discovery you will see and hear many things that will sadden you because they tear away at fond memories associated with the things of this world but once you have made it up in your mind to make Messiah the foundation of your reality and identity, the things that you will discover in your research will only make you hunger and thirst for Messiah.

There is much more to come! Stay tuned! Watch and Pray!


*So then after the Lord had spoken to them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. Mark 16:19


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